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“To keep the body in good health is a duty, for otherwise we shall not be able to trim the lamp of wisdom, and keep our mind strong and clear. Water surrounds the lotus flower, but does not wet its petals.”

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Who We Are

Lotus Eldercare was incorporated on 1st July 2013 to provide home eldercare health services, to educate and train nurses and caregivers in caring the older persons, and to collaborate and support eldercare technological research and development.

With the aging population in Singapore, there has been a rapid increase in dependent patients who are either bed or house bound. Lotus Eldercare provides healthcare services to these patients who have mobility problems, whose families may otherwise spend a lot of time and effort in bringing them for reviews to hospitals.

We treat patients holistically.  We review patients’ needs, families’ and caregivers’ concerns and formulate a long term care plan.  We will advise on the common problems that may occur and the solutions to them.  We firmly believe in educating and empowering the families and caregivers so that they will feel more assured and able to give their utmost care to the patients.

Lotus Eldercare also works with technological companies to support and develop technologies to provide more efficient care at home.

莲陞携老私人有限公司创办于201371日。公司提供登门居家护理服务, 并且参与研究与开发运用科技来帮助病人。


随着新加坡人口逐渐老化, 越来越多老人卧病在床或行动不便。我们的登门居家护理服务, 可以帮助这些行动不便的病人, 上门帮他们看病。他们的家人可以不用花费那么多时间和精力带他们去医院复诊看医。


我们的医生登门护理服务,不仅只看病。医生会按病人,家属和看护的需要, 拟定一套长期看护计划。医生也会讲解经常遇到的问题和解决方法。我们坚信家人与看护必须有良好的知识, 才能有信心与能力给予病人最好的照顾。


我们的公司也和科技公司合作开发与研究新科技, 用于帮助居家照顾病人。




What we offer

  • Lotus Eldercare Health Services

    Looking the each family's unique issues and formulating a care plan for home or bed bound seniors. Please look at our range of services in our health section. We also do collaborations with VWOs and Corporate institutes to provide subsidized home care service. 

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  • Lotus Eldercare Geriatronics

     Helping technology companies to see the need and for rolling out new eldercare technologies. We are starting our on cloud EMR systems in Lotus Eldercare Memories Systems (LEMS) and provide tele monitoring services through the use of continue care management system by Healthbeats. We are on Medical grade tele communication tools from Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow platform which has been certified HDS for Healthcare. We are also introducing A.I. chatbots and robotics in the near future. Presently, we are using online Pharmacy Wellaway for our presciption and home medication delievery services.

  • Lotus Eldercare Academy

    We aim to support and complement care giver training schools across Asia. We are also involved in various conferences and outreach programs in the Eldercare realm. Please refer to our dedicated Academy Sub-site for more information. Please e mail us at academy@lotuseldercare.com.sg for questions on LEA. 
  • Lotus Eldercare Ideas

    We will be putting up new ideas periodically on the Silver Industry and share with interested colleagues at large. One of our ideas has been realized into a new company - Wellderly Pte Ltd. Kindly go to www.Wellderly.sg We are one of the winners of Leap For Good initiative by RAISE Singapore in August 2018.

How We Operate

Our doctor is available from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. Mondays to Fridays, excluding public holidays, strictly by appointment only.  Please call to arrange for an appointment.

Our charges range from about $250 to $300 per doctor visit per patient for a routine visit for patients under our long term home care service, including procedures and reviews. Medications and expendables will be charged separately if required. All visits are strictly appointment based only. We are not a medical clinic service and will not support services such as immunizations or review urgent hyper-acute conditions. We also only sign CCODs for patients under our long term care.

For referrals, kindly call us at 9800 4828 or E mail the request to us at info@lotuseldercare.com.sg and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Technology companies please e mail us at technology@lotuseldercare.com.sg  or use this LINK to set up appointments with Dr Tan Jit Seng

Get in touch with us!

Our care coordinator will advise you on the possible options available to cater to your unique needs.

1 Raffles Place #19-61, Tower 2, Singapore 048616

Handphone: +65 9800 4828 WhatsAPP, Direct Call or SMS available. 

Office line : +65 6808 5664  Fax line: +65 6808 5801