Lotus Eldercare Adaptive Fashion (L.E.A.F)


LEAF is the brainchild of Dr Tan Jit Seng.  He was shopping one day and saw a Mothercare shop.  He was thinking that there should be a shop selling clothes for the elderly too.  He began researching on the internet and realised that there are clothes adapted for elderly or disabled who have problems wearing clothes on their own.  However, these clothes are made for the foreign market and not too suitable for our local climate.

Dr Tan then decided to start his line of fashionable adaptive clothes for the elderly or disabled.  The clothes will be suited for the local climate and fashionable to give confidence to the wearers.

LEAF collaborates with a fashion designer and a dressmaker with to create functional and fashionable clothes.  We also gather information from Occupational Therapists, our dependent patient's carers and patients themselves.

We are hoping to start producing clothing for bed bound patients soon.  Check back this space for more updates!  

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Jan 2015 - Concept for having an Asian brand for adaptive fashion for people with disabilities, esp. for older persons, formulated

Feb to April 2015 - Getting feedback from the Eldercare Industry on this concept

May 2015 - Designer identified

Jun to Dec 2015 - Extensive research done with prototypes presentations to hospitals OT s and getting relevant feedbacks

Jan to April 2016 - First product designed and manufactured

  May 2016 - First Adaptive Fashion: The basics, arrived!

July to September 2016 -  Submitted idea for Tote Board Enabling Lives Initiative but was not awarded the grant.

Oct 2016 - Visited H.C.R. 2016 in Tokyo Big Sight, Japan, on potential patented material for adaptive fashion, Seen here with CEO of Breeze Bronze at H.C.R. 2016

May 2017 - Supported our collaborating designer Ms Elisa Lim on her graduation runway show on inclusive fashion:


Oct 2018 - Supported our collaborating designer Ms Elisa Lim's start up Will & Well on raiSE's Festival for Good at Marina One


11th Oct 2019 Ms Elisa Lim, our collaborating designer, was featured in the 8 World News. Here is the link to the video posted in Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2848208121864152&id=140711089280549

11th April 2020 Ms Elisa Lim was again featured in Her World for her work in the disability sector https://www.herworld.com/women/women-now/elisa-lim-singapore-designer/

How We Operate

Our doctor is available from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. Mondays to Fridays, excluding public holidays, strictly by appointment only.  Please call to arrange for an appointment.

Our charges range from about $250 to $300 per doctor visit per patient for a routine visit for patients under our long term home care service, including procedures and reviews. Medications and expendables will be charged separately if required. All visits are strictly appointment based only. We are not a medical clinic service and will not support services such as immunizations or review urgent hyper-acute conditions. We also only sign CCODs for patients under our long term care.

For referrals, kindly call us at 9800 4828 or E mail the request to us at info@lotuseldercare.com.sg and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Technology companies please e mail us at technology@lotuseldercare.com.sg  or use this LINK to set up appointments with Dr Tan Jit Seng

Get in touch with us!

Our care coordinator will advise you on the possible options available to cater to your unique needs.

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Handphone: +65 9800 4828 WhatsAPP, Direct Call or SMS available. 

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