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Dr Tan Jit Seng is trained as a medical doctor and still is a full-time clinician doing primary health care work and running long term home-based services. He has been involved in health technology development since 2010, supporting government research organizations, MNCs and start-ups on innovating and development of cloud platforms, devices, robotics and A.I. medical technology. Dr Tan is also currently the Vice President of Asia Pacific Assistive, Rehabilitative and Therapeutic Technologies Network.  Dr Tan is also the Chief Technology Officer for Lotus Eldercare Technologies and will soon be launching its first product LEMS, a health integrative platform.

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Geriatronics (7)

Geriatronics by Lotus Eldercare Technologies (LET) is a branch of assistive, preventive or monitoring electronic devices used in Geriatric care and management.The term is also being coined by other organizations like TUM - https://geriatronics.msrm.tum.de/en/home

We either seek or develop technologies that are to be used by older adults themselves or their caregivers. 

We have been very actively trialing new products or consulting health techs startups or institutions on the possible use of existing technologies with a Senior Care twist.

Presently, we are supporting and advising - 

1. Nucleus Dynamics - https://www.nucleusdynamics.com/ on wound care and monitoring

2. Pillpresso - https://pillpresso.com/ on medication management

3. SoundEye - http://www.sound-eye.com/ on home activity monitoring

4. Numen Care - https://www.ecocentric.energy/ on home energy monitoring

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Eir Technologies

Eir Technologies (6)

Eir Technologies by Lotus Eldercare Technologies (LET) is a branch relating to any infocomm technologies relating to Senior Care or Information exchanges between service providers and seniors and/or their caregivers.

In Norse mythology, Eir (Old Norse "protection, help, mercy") is a goddess or valkyrie associated with medical skill. Eir, sounding like "Air", denotes support that is in the cloud and virtual, hence referring to infocomm development in the Silver Industry.

We are developing Lotus Eldercare Memories System, or LEMS, an integrated on cloud EMR system, together with secured communication/tele consultation capabilities, scheduling capabilities, remote prescription capabilities and other workflow which can be integrated into a single system. We are also working with Doxper - http://doxper.com/home/ on digitalization and future-proofing our work.

We have been working with our partners ToStart on LEMS for years now, hoping to produce a worthy product to aid in Senior Care.


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Tech Network

Tech Network (12)

Tech Network by Lotus Eldercare Technologies (LET) is a branch of activities in conferences, trade shows and exhibitions on technology. We scout internationally for good networking opportunities and to see what others can offer. We have been bringing in some of these technologies from overseas previously and hope to do more of such work in the future.

We highlight some of the conferences in this site and those that involve us in the presentations will be listed in our Academy site under "Conference". Here is the link -http://academy.lotuseldercare.com.sg/index.php/en/conferences

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Robogeriatronics (5)

Robogeriatronics by Lotus Eldercare Technologies (LET) is a branch involving robotics assisting in day to day Basic Activities of Daily Living (BADLs) or Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs) for Older Adults.

One example of the work in Robogeriatrics, we have been trialling on Tele precence robotics by Ohmnilabs since 2017 -https://ohmnilabs.com/ . We have also tested exo skeletons and other robotic systems in the past.

We hope to do more in the future and Dr Tan Jit Seng from Lotus Eldercare is servining as Vice President of Asia Pacific Assistive Robotics Association -https://www.apara.asia/

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How We Operate

Our doctor is available from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. Mondays to Fridays, excluding public holidays, strictly by appointment only.  Please call to arrange for an appointment.

Our charges range from about $250 to $300 per doctor visit per patient for a routine visit for patients under our long term home care service, including procedures and reviews. Medications and expendables will be charged separately if required. All visits are strictly appointment based only. We are not a medical clinic service and will not support services such as immunizations or review urgent hyper-acute conditions. We also only sign CCODs for patients under our long term care.

For referrals, kindly right click our Referral button on our top right menu (then choose save link as...) to save our referral form as a pdf file. E mail the referral to us at info@lotuseldercare.com.sg and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Technology companies please e mail us at technology@lotuseldercare.com.sg  or use this LINK to set up appointments with Dr Tan Jit Seng

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